Metecno has expanded its horizons on a worldwide scale to reach the level of producing and selling its construction products to third parties in the building industry for the sole distribution of systems and a quantity of technological know-how relating to specific innovation areas.
The supply of state-of-the-art technological structures, together with product sales, has become a "must" for Metecno.

We at Metecno handle the installation of our product range in an endless variety of production processes: coating, cantilevering, moulding, continuous and discontinuous production lines for panelled and/or ready-to-assemble doors - these express the technology already used by Metecno, who can also provide support to its partners in the industrial sector by arranging for Metecno technical staff to be present during installation of the new systems and later providing every means of after-care assistance and support to the customer: spare parts and raw materials necessary for the production process.

In this way we at Metecno can guarantee absolute reliability of our production lines.
Metecno has never abandoned its partners, but works side by side from the time of installation of the systems through to completion of the final product. And not only!! As time progresses, Metecno periodically arranges to supply indispensable updates on technological developments in the sector.

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