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This lightweight 1-1/4" thick panel features a honeycomb core between smooth or embossed skins of steel or aluminum. The uninsulated core allows uniform thermal expansion of the face and liner sheet, resulting in exceptional panel flatness under extreme temperature variations. The 3000 series is offered with a Kraft paper honeycomb core or an optional aluminum core for use where non-combustible wall construction is required.

Core Material: Phenolic impregnated Kraft paper honeycomb (aluminum honeycomb also available)
Thickness: 1-1/4" (32mm)
Widths: 24", 30" and 36" standard (special widths 8" min. to 46" max.)
Lengths: 1'-0" to 24"-0" maximum
Exterior Surfaces: Steel: Smooth or non-directional embossed
Aluminum: Smooth or non-directional embossed
Standard Metal Gauge: 22/24 steel, 0.040"/0.040" aluminum
R-Value: N/A


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