Assembly of the panels is possible only by constructing smooth, flush internal walls with extremely rigid tolerance limits. We have therefore designed, to guarantee maximum precision, a system based on ready-assembled aluminium profiles on all sections of each element (internal walls, ceilings, windows, fittings, load-bearing columns and corners).

In order to produce perfectly smooth and flush-fitting internal walls we have developed a high-precision complete assembly system to guarantee that internal walls, ceilings, doors, windows and other fittings are fully compatible. This means you can create, according to your own requirements, a perfect cleanroom. Also, the panels are constructed in such a way as to integrate with all basic everyday functions such as lighting, air conditioning and plumbing systems.


The panels are constructed in individual units with enamelled steel cladding; insulation may be in polyurethane, polystyrene or mineral wool.
If the flooring is tiled, a ceramic wainscoting is applied to the panel base plate. If instead the flooring is in plastic (or linoleum) the wainscoting is overlaid on the panel base. Silicone may then be used as a sealant.


The ceilings may be erected by means of self-bearing panels, perfectly identical to those used for the internal walls. These panels are sufficiently solid to resist the presence of maintenance personnel. Where necessary, the ceilings may be further reinforced by external load-bearing elements, suitably adapted and attached by means of screws which do not through-pierce the panel.

The technique adopted is based on a tolerance of less than 0.3 mm. Assembly is completed by a joint profile necessary to reinforce the overall structural rigidity. A silicone sealant is then applied in order to guarantee perfect air-tightness of the installation, avoiding leaks and any other risk of transverse contamination. With regard to the internal wall-floor joint, the same principle is applied, i.e. each panel is set in a profiled aluminium base plate.