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Sandwich panels, due to their dimensional stability – both in terms of cover width, as well as in terms of surface profiling – and due to their surface finishing consistency (color, nuance, gloss, etc.) consist a building system that allows for buildings’ architectural design of particular aesthetics, mainly characterized by repeated patterns.

Metecno has developed its products in a way so as to also improve and to emphasize on this particularity, as well as to render it more intriguing, by

  • designing panels’ longitudinal joints that allow for both vertical and horizontal installation, as well as for the interlocking of different types of panels together,
  • incorporating in the panels’ production process of high-aesthetic-value raw materials, such as, copper, stainless steel, aluminium, etc.

Metecno panels are accompanied by a series of accessories and finishing profiles – standardized, as well as tailor-made – that consist the finishing touch of buildings’ aesthetics.