Cold Storage Systems

PIR & PUR Insulation

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Sandwich panels with insulating core in rigid plastic foam (PUR & PIR technology), consist the ideal solution for a fast and reliable construction of cold-rooms, both for positive and for negative temperature applications, where thermal insulation and air-tightness are the key parameters for a perfect result. Polyurethane is an unrivalled insulating material, minimizing thermal losses through its mass, and in combination with the air-tight and thermal-bridge-free joint, of labyrinth type, of Metecno cold-room panels, result in a system that offers:

  • high thermal resistance
  • air-tight and vapor-proof joints
  • increased load-bearing capacity,
  • durability
  • ease of installation, due to its lightweight nature and its dimensional stability

The Metecno cold-room panels come with a variety of surface coatings that allows for their use in a wide range of applications, in terms of internal environment aggressiveness and internal humidity.