Acoustic Systems

Hipertec Sound Products : Mineral Wool Insulation

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Sandwich panels, although a light-weight construction system, present a remarkable performance in terms of acoustics.
Both polyurethane panels, but mostly mineral wool panels can offer a significant level of sound insulation, that is, reduction of sound transmission from one room (sound source) to adjacent rooms or to surroundings.
In addition, mineral wool panels with perforated steel faces, offer also increased sound absorption, which results in a further increase of their sound insulation capacity (sound transmission to surroundings), as well as in reduction of reverberation, and consequently to reduction of sound level, inside the sound source room.

Therefore, such panels consist an ideal solution for:

  • Isolating noise sources, e.g. engine rooms, equipment rooms
  • Noise reduction inside working places of increased sound level
  • Acoustics improvement (reduced reverberation) of theaters, concert halls, etc.
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